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Sarah has a vast amount of experience in personal training and pilates.  Which means that she understands the biological growth of muscle/strength/balance/elasticity and the connection between muscle memory and cognitive learning patterns.  Just as every human is different in their capacity to learn and gain strength, so is the horse, afterall we are all made of the same stuff.  Each horse needs to be allowed time to develop regardless of our aspirations for them. Basically the horses lead the way and learn at their own pace - this is the Sarah Williams way.
Young horses
Sarah has a wealth of experience and knowledge and has competed for many years in National and International Young Horse Classes successfully.  Sarah has produced horses who have been eligable for Aachen Yong Horse World Championships. She knows exactly how to produce the horses for these classes in a productive but sympathetic manner to gain the end result; a fun young horse that loves to compete.
Breaking & schooling -  Getting young horses started
We take the home grown approach and really get to know the horses as individuals, and from there we structure their schooling programme.  Sarah will also take the time to talk to you, the owner, about your aspirations, dreams and thoughts on yours and the horses future.  Sarah feels that she can train the horse to suit the owner/rider individually.
Remedial training/re-training
Sarah has had extensive experience over the years with improving/re-educating horses of all ages and ability.  It is never too late in a horses life to carefully improve them.  From ponies to shire horses! No enquiry too small or too big.  This particular process involves assessing very much the horses physical and mental wellbeing, incorporating discussions with owners regarding their abilities and visions for the future for them and their horse.
Intensive training programmes
Sarah can offer a number of intensive programmes to help in the following areas:

  • Competition preparation

  • Ring exposure

  • Suppleness

  • Confidence building

  • Hacking

  • Travelling

  • Strength work/collection and power movement

  • On the lunge - learning to stretch through the back



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