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Small private riding school offering one to one lessons on well trained, happy horses in a friendly, calm and safe environment.  Sarah Williams has 40 years’ experience to offer, training a wide variety of horses and riders. Many of her clients are having great success in competing through the levels from Novice to P.S.G. and Inter 1 at Regional and Area Festival level.


Horse training
Prelim to Grand prix.
Remedial schooling.
Specializing in training problem horses and young horses.
Re-training horses for all levels.

Rider training
From the leisure rider who just wants to be safe and enjoy.

To the more ambitious, extrovert rider/jumping and pole work
Dressage: Prelim, Novice to Advanced, P.S.G. Inter I, Inter II levels of riding.
In trouble-shooting, position analyst, body awareness.
Lunge lessons: position, balance, depth of seat and coordination, following the horses movement.
Remedial schooling
Re-training and re-modellig for all levels.

Using Schoolmasters (by prior arrangement) personally matched to the riders requirements. Training can be undertaken for all abilities from Prelim to Grand Prix. Learn on Classically Trained Dressage Horses and feel how to ride with balance and harmony.


Amazing lunge lessons

Sarah can help you with her amazing lunge lessons, which gain phenomenal results, if you're not right, your horse won’t be either. We have access to super lunge horses where we can aid and support your existing riding with the lunge lessons gaining results.


Dressage test sheet instruction and ring craft
British Dressage test sheet instruction, including dressage test sheet riding, test score sheet riding and ring craft, these sessions will give you a chance to watch others and improve your ride whilst Sarah oversees and aids you all the way.

Clinics All Levels including:

Advanced Dressage Clinic, Dressage to music workshop, Troubleshooting day for horse and rider, flat work clinic.

Watch and learn training days /evenings where Sarah will ride her horses in front of you and provide a step by step talk on how she is training the horse plus individual techniques used on each horse and a Q&A session with Sarah for specific questions regarding your own horse.

Please call Sarah and her experienced team to establish how they can help you and your horse and for all clinic availability.

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